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High Frequency Bingo Games

October Calendar Pieces for Pocket Chart

Ancient Rock Art

Flag Day

Historical Flags of the US, Part 2

Bird Nest Exploration

Flannel Board Stuff--Using Printables

Flannel Boards

1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus

Hatching Eggs--Frogs and Toads

Hatching Eggs--Silkworms

Hatching Eggs – What to do with Live Animals

Hatching Eggs

Winter Dramatic Play

Family Holiday Traditions: Shopping

Family Holiday Traditions: Pajamas

Witch's Cauldron

A Rainforest Rendezvous: Classroom Setup Materials

A Rainforest Rendezvous: Classroom Setup Materials

Rainforest Update

A Rainforest Adventure

Independence Day

Maps, Murals, and Mini Museums

Classroom Museums

Objectives and Inquiry

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